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Bx/12 Palomino Blackwing 530 Pencils, Ltd Edition, Gold, "The Eureka Moment"

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Box of 12 Palomino Blackwing 530 Pencils, "Volumes" Limited Edition

Limited Edition inspired by the California Gold Rush of 1848

The Blackwing 530 has a gold barrel and striped ferrule. The graphite is "extra firm", the same as the sold out John Steinbeck model released earlier this year. The model number is 530 - a tribute to Sutter's Mill, California Historical Site No. 530, where gold was first discovered.

For writing, drawing and sketching. Extra firm and smooth graphite is perfect for writers and everyday use. Box of 12 pencils. Made in Japan.

The Gold Rush of 1848 was California's defining moment, immortalized by the state's motto "Eureka! I have found it!" What California found was beyond gold. The state found its identity as a melting pot of people, cultures and ideas that persists to this day. This moment of self-discovery was California's true "eureka moment."


There’s a similar moment in the creative process when the rest of the world fades and the project’s singular objective becomes clear. Whether it’s a songwriter finding the perfect melody for a lyric or a painter being struck by inspiration after weeks of aimless brushing, these moments help define both the artist and their work. 
The Blackwing 530 celebrates California’s rich cultural history and these eureka moments of the creative process. Its gold barrel and striped gold ferrule symbolize the feeling of “striking gold” when that moment hits. The model number 530 is a tribute to Sutter’s Mill, California Historical Site No. 530, where gold was first discovered.


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