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Filling your fountain pen

It’s Easy to Refill Your Fountain Pen!

Follow the steps below to refill your fountain pen using an ink cartridge or a converter with bottled ink.

1. Refilling with an Ink Cartridge


What You Will Need

  • New ink cartridge in your choice of color

How To In Four Easy Steps:

  1. Unscrew the barrel of the fountain pen and remove the empty ink cartridge.
  2. Insert the narrower end of the new cartridge with enough pressure to create a snug fit.
  3. Gently squeeze the ink cartridge until a drop of ink appears at the nib section (make sure you do this over paper or a paper towel).
  4. Screw the barrel over the cartridge into the section block.

2. Refilling with a Converter

Things You Will Need

  • Bottle of Liquid Ink in your choice of color.

How To In 7 Easy Steps:


        1. Unscrew the barrel of the fountain pen to expose the converter.
        2. Twist the black knob end of the converter to send the piston down as far as it will go.
        3. Dip the nib of the fountain pen into the bottled ink so that the nib is submerged.
        4. Twist the black knob end the opposite direction to draw ink up into the converter.
        5. Remove the nib from the bottled ink and twist the black knob a little to force out a couple of drops of ink back into the bottle.
        6. Twist the knob end again in the opposite direction to draw a little air into the converter.
        7. Use a paper towel or cloth to wipe away any excess ink from the nib of your fountain pen.

Congratulations! You have successfully refilled your fountain pen!