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Parker Transformation 2016

Parker Transformation 2016

Parker has been our most important pen brand since our original store opened on Michigan Avenue in Chicago in 1932. Parker is still our best-selling product line and our deepest inventory brand. We regularly bring Parker products in from Europe that aren't available in the US market (especially hard to find Jotter colors!) We've even sampled products manufactured in India by Luxor under a Parker license.

Over the last few months of 2016, Parker is undergoing a process of "premiumization" of every product. Every single product has been re-designed, with an emphasis on providing premium quality - from the finish, the trim, the iconic Arrow Clip and even the gift boxes. We will be replacing every product in the Parker line over the next few months.


The Parker Brand

What makes a Parker pen instantly recognizable? Parker defines three signature elements to each pen design: the CLIP, the 3 BANDS, and the JEWEL. Together, these 3 elements unify the Parker design language and allow the Parker brand to become instantly recognizable.

Click on the links below to read in detail about the transformation of every Parker product!