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February 2016

February 2016 iPenBox
"Date Night"



Romance is in the air for this month's box!  Your Date Night includes flowers, chocolate, a romantic dinner, hearts, a good movie, and a bit of passion.


Miquelrius Mini Notepad, Graph Ruled

Miquelrius mini pocket notebook. Coated kraft cover with design by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Includes elastic closure. 90 sheets (180 pages) of white 70 gsm FSC certified paper. Graph ruled pages. Made in Spain.




Zebra Compact Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen in black with a stainless steel cap from Zebra. Converts from a standard 5-1/4" pen to a very compact 4". Perfect for pocket, planner or purse.


Sample Postcard from Pepin Artists' Postcard Coloring Book

The postcard you received is from Pepin Postcard Coloring Books. Each book contains 20 postcards of superior 250 gsm acid-free and archival drawing paper. The postcards are printed with 20 exceptional designs by Pepin van Roojen in very light lines. The printing is done in such a way that, depending on the techniques used, the original outline will be hardly visible after coloring. The artist quality paper is made by one of the best paper mills in Europe and is suitable for a wide range of coloring applications, including pencil. colored pencil, watercolor pencil, crayon, pastel, felt marker, gouache and ink. 







Koh-I-Noor Tri-Color Colored Pencil

Koh-I-Noor Tri-Tone professional grade multicolored pencil with a mix of three colored leads braided together. The color combinations include analogous colors, shades of the same or similar hue and complimentary colors. As you write or draw, the pencil color changes. Every time you wrist-twist a Tri-Tone Pencil, the color pattern is different. Thick 3.8mm leads in a hexagon-shaped wood case. Made of the finest Hardtmuth pigments for the best wild color explosion anywhere.


Word. Notebooks, Tasting Notes, Red

Do you remember the best burger you ever sank your teeth into? How about the most perfectly cooked pasta you ever twirled? It was good, right? But, outside of that, how much to you really recall? The pocket-sized Tasting Notes is designed for foodies who don't want to just eat great meals; they want to remember them.

48 pages, bright white paper, 3-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" tall. Each page has sections for Spot, Date, Location, Companions, Notes, and Rating along with a section for notes about the meal you just devoured. The back flap is lined for listing the best of the best from the notebook. The notebook is perfectly sized to slip into your back pocket so you can have it at the reeady when it's time to chow down. Sturdy kraft cover is bound with a rugged two-staple saddle-stitch process. Best for pencil and ballpoint pen. Designed and made in USA.





Pentel EnerGel X

High performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super smooth writing experience.  Gel ink dries fast- great for left handed writers. No smears or smudges. 0.7mm tip produces medium lines.  



Pentel Energel Refill, Violet

Glide into the future of writing with smooth liquid gel ink. The best qualities of liquid ink and gel ink are blended into a super-smooth ink and delivered via an exclusive ink/metal tip technology. Vivid, acid-free ink dries quickly without smearing or blotting, and is great for left-handed writers.





Jinhao 159 Fountain Pen, Red, Chrome Trim

Jinhao 159 large size fountain pen in a high gloss red lacquer finish with chrome trims. Steel nib is listed as a medium (0.7 mm) but will write more on the fine side of a medium. Screw-on cap. Utilizes standard international ink cartridge. Converter for bottled ink is included. Will also accept the Rosetta Explorer converter (available in our store under Refills & Accessories). Made in China



Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Sample, Passion Red

Add some passion to your life with this sample of Diamine in Passion red.  Diamine fountain pen ink is safe for all brands of fountain pens, flows smoothly, is fast drying, and made from all natural dyes.  Made in the UK.




Diamine Fountain Pen Ink Sample, Chocolate Brown

You can't have a romantic date night without chocolate.  Diamine fountain pen ink is safe for all brands of fountain pens, flows smoothly, is fast drying, and made from all natural dyes.  Made in the UK.



Schneider Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Pack of 6 Schneider standard international (also called universal) size ink cartridges. For all Schneider fountain pens and any other fountain pen accepting the international format ink cartridge. Made in Germany.








New to fountain pens?

Some of you may be new to fountain pens, so we thought we'd include a little guide to get you started in using your new fountain pen.  You can click on the picture to the left to take you to a link to read about how to start, clean, and store your pen.  Click on the picture on the right for helpful information on filling your fountain pen.



Here's a sneak peek of the March iPenBox Theme



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