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December 2017

December 2017 iPenBox


Retro is a relevant term. 

To me and my husband 40s, 50s, and 60s are retro.  To our children 70s, 80s, and 90s are retro. 



Yong Sheng 6100 Fountain Pen (by Hero)

A stunning black lacquer finish with rose gold trim for a very handsome looking retro style writing instrument.  Convenient snap on/off cap.  Equipped with a removable ink converter for bottled ink.  Will accept international standard size ink cartridges.    

Retro: The first hooded nib was introduced in 1941. It was designed to prevent ink from drying out during use. Post-1941 hooded nibs were for purely decorative reasons and they served no real purpose

 If this is your first fountain pen, unscrew the barrel to insert the cartridge into the nib assembly by by gently pushing and slightly twisting at the same time.  


Word Notebook 2018 Standard Memorandum

This pocket size notebook is 2.65" wide x 5.25" high and has 64 pages of bright white paper. The Standard Memorandum is designed to chronicle one year of your life. 

Retro: Inspired by pocket journals from the early 1900s. Simply jot down a line or two every day for a year, and you'll be left with a memento you can save.  





Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen, Classic Stainless Steel 

This classic design features a chiselled cap.   The original Jotter introduced the rotating refill - still used today.  With every click, the ballpoint rotates 90 degrees so that the ball wears evenly as you write.

Retro: First introduced in 1954, the Parker Jotter remains one of the best selling pens in history.  


#2 Wooden Pencil

Wonder why #2?  The number designates a pencil's location on the HB graphite grading scale.  The "H" refers to the pencils hardness, while the "B" designates the blackness of the mark.  The higher the number, the harder the writing core and the lighter the mark left on the paper.  Softer pencils had a tendency to smudge, making #1 impractical, while the early machines used to scan test couldn't detect marks from numbers 3, 4, & 5.  Which made #2 "just right". 

Retro:  Today's pencil has come along way from the original graphite stick wrapped in string. 

IPENBOX exclusive item.  







Waterman Serenity Blue Ink - sample

Waterman fountain pen ink in Serenity Blue (formerly called Waterman Florida Blue). Waterman has always equipped its pens with the highest standard of ink, to ensure supreme performance and guarantee an exceptionally comfortable writing experience. Made in France.  Sold in 50 ml bottles (about 1.7 fluid ounces)

Retro: Waterman inks and refills have the ultimate pedigree. From the earliest days when Lewis Edson Waterman invented the first reliable fountain pen in 1883.


Pocket Protector - I ink therefore iPen

In 1904 the pen clip is invented to hold a pen in a pocket. Pens were notorious for leaking at that time, so in 1947 Hurley Smith patented the pocket protector. Designed to keep shirts clean and tools handy.

Retro: The plastic pocket insert “conjures up images of a guy in a short sleeve white shirt, glasses taped together and ‘high-water’ pants.” Those reference points date the characterization to the 1950s and 1960s, when engineers did indeed favor white short-sleeve shirts, eyeglasses that were prone to break across their plastic bridge, and pants hitched up to reveal a lot of sock, often white to match the shirt. Today, we call the professional descendants of the earlier stereotypes nerds or geeks, terms that at least can include gals as well as guys.

IPENBOX exclusive item. *Pen not included.






Retro Toy Eraser - Random Selection

Erasing was never so fun.   

Retro: Yoyo is considered to be the second oldest toy in history. The spinning top seems to defy gravity by its ability to stand upright on its point. Cup-and-ball is a traditional children's toy, but it is rumored that Jane Austen excelled at it. 

IPENBOX exclusive item.






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New to fountain pens?

If you are new to fountain pens, you can click on the picture to the left to take you to a link to read about how to start, clean, and store your pen.  Click on the picture on the right for helpful information on filling your fountain pen.



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