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E+M Germany "Peanpole" Wood Pencil Extender, Blue

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E+M Germany "Peanpole" Pencil Extender, Blue

Made from FSC-certified sustainable-forest wood.

Peanpole, by E+M of Germany is a pencil extender/lengthener made of beech wood and stained blue. When your pencil becomes too short to hold, just insert it into this handy tool and carry on using it. The wooden handle is the same diameter and hexagon shape as most pencils, so it has the same feel as a full length pencil. Works with most standard sized art, craft, hobby and school pencils. The nickel-plated clasp holds your pencil in place. Best for pencil stubs. 8 mm diameter x 120 mm long (approximately 4.7"). Purchased in Europe in bulk, so the Peanpole does not come in a box. Made in Germany in Bavaria.

Approximately 1" of the pencil goes into the pencil extender and is held in place by the metal clasp.

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