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September 2015

September, 2015 iPenBox
"Around the World"


The theme for our first iPenBox was "Around the World". We selected items from 7 countries, starting with a Word Notebook Adventure Log pocket notebook to start your adventure off.

The ink sample of the month was the elusive J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor. Even though we sold out of this ink the very same day our first shipment arrived in August, we saved enough to include a sample vial for every subscriber.

Each month we'll be featuring 1 fountain pen from around the world. This month is the popular Baoer 388 from China. If you're new to fountain pens, don't worry - we included a link to our helpful guides for filling your fountain pen and caring for your fountain pen.

Each month we'll also feature one premium pencil, so we included the Palomino Blackwing long point sharpener in the first box. Hang on to that sharpener - you'll need it every month! (We also included a mega-sized Caran d'Ache highlighter pencil, so we'll include a large hole sharpener in the October iPenBox.)

Here's the full reveal of the September iPenBox with links to all of the products on our website. 


U.S.A. united-states-flag25.gif

Word. Notebook Adventure Log, Black

Your "Around the World" adventure starts here!

We love notebooks at iPenstore. Word. Notebooks are one of our absolutely favorite brands. The pocket-sized Adventure Log is designed to go with you on all your travels. Each notebook has a blank space on the cover so you can number each individual one and chronicle a lifetime of adventure. All your travels right in your back pocket. Each page has call outs for the Location, Date, and Conditions of your trip, along with a spot for Companions and a large Notes section for all you want to remember. Fill out the pages during your vacations, camping trips, and other outings, and you’ll be left with a lifetime of memories.




France  france-flag25.gif

J. Herbin : "1670" Anniversary Fountain Pen Ink, Emerald of Chivor Ink Sample

So many people have been waiting in anticipation of this ink for so long!  We sold out of our stock the day our first shipment arrived. We set aside some bottles, however, for the iPenBox because we wanted to share this ink with as many people as possible!  This ink has a really cool story: The "1670" Anniversary J. Herbin collection celebrates the rich life and adventures of M. Herbin, a French sailor of the 17th century. From his many journeys to India he brought back to Paris formulas for manufacturing sealing wax and inks. This beautiful emerald green-blue ink contains gold flecks throughout, enhancing your writing with an elegance and beauty that is unmatched by other inks.


China  china-flag25.jpg

Baoer 388 Fountain Pen

We love this fountain pen for quite a few reasons. It's nice looking with a dark red and black lacquer barrel with gold trim and all metal fittings. We also really like that although the steel nib is listed as a medium, it writes on the fine side. Finally, it includes a converter for bottled ink so you can use your favorite fountain pen ink - try it with the J. Herbin 1670 Emerald of Chivor ink in your iPenBox! 

Need refills? Click here for standard international cartridges

Click here for our full selection of bottled fountain pen inks




Germany  germany-flag25.gif

Schneider One Business Pen

We like the Schneider One for many reasons and we think you will too! Schneider's Super-Flow-System produces a consistent ink flow with a line width of approximately 0.6mm. The pen has a large ink reservoir with a level indicator. The ergonomic rubber grip and rubberized barrel surface promotes a tireless and relaxed writing experience.



Japan  japan-flag25a.png

Pentel EnerGel Needle Tip Gel Pen

This pen features vivid super smooth blend of liquid and gel ink. We love the needle tip and textured grip that is comfortable for writing. If you are a lefty you will love the quick-drying ink.




China  china-flag25.jpg

Zebra Telescopic Stylus

Retractable 3-3/4" ballpoint pen expands to a full 5" for writing. The touch-screen compatible Stylus is designed for performance and precision and makes it easy to work on your iPad or tablet.


Switzerland  switzerland-flag25.jpg

Caran d'Ache Colorblock Fluo Pencil

Caran d'Ache's high voltage flourescent pencils are perfect in the office or in school for marking or highlighting key words on paper.  And they're just as valuable in the artistic world for drawing, building up colors, decorating and scrapbooking. High pigment concentration gives ultra-bright color that will get noticed everywhere.

Note to our subscribers: this is a fat pencil, so we'll include a large hole sharpener in the October iPenBox as a bonus item!




Japan  japan-flag25a.png

Palomino Blackwing 725 Pencil, Ltd. Edition, Bob Dylan Fender Stratocaster

Limited Edition

We love this pencil! The Blackwing 725 pencil is inspired by the sunburst finish on the Fender Strocaster used by Bob Dylan on stage at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25th, 1965. The moment fueled what Rolling Stone called one of "50 moments that changed rock n' roll." We added the Fender guitar pick and a pack of mini fruit erasers to make it even more fun. :)

  First month bonus items:

Germany  germany-flag25.gif

Palomino Blackwing Long Point Pencil Sharpener

We can't give you pencils without starting you out with a sharpener! Palomino Blackwing long point pencil sharpener makes a long pencil point in 2 steps - first sharpening the wood and then precision sharpening the graphite point. Automatic brake prevents over sharpening. Comes with 2 spare blades. Made for Palomino Blackwing by KUM of Germany.




Japan  japan-flag25a.png

Tombow Mono Zero Push Button Eraser

This eraser advances with a push button knock. The non-abrasive elastomer eraser removes pencil lead markings cleanly and completely without damaging paper. If you are an artist, this eraser is great for subtractive drawing, sketching, drafting and precision correction. We just like it because it erases so completely!


iPenstore Miquelrius Mini Holdall Round Pencil Case

Spain  spain-flag25.gif

Miquelrius Mini Holdall Round Pencil Case

This vivid blue case is stain resistant and perfect for carrying 8-10 of your favorite pens and pencils. Ideal for traveling or carrying along in a briefcase. (Miquelrius is based in Spain, but the pencil case is made in China.)

Miquelrius Prada note pad

This fun little notebook is the perfect size for carrying with you on your day to day travels. The elastic band is a nice feature to safely secure the pages. Designed by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada for Miquelrius and made in Spain.

iPenstore Miquelrius Note Pad



New to fountain pens?

Some of you may be new to fountain pens, so we thought we'd include a little guide to get you started in using your new fountain pen.  You can click on the picture to the left to take you to a link to read about how to start, clean, and store your pen.  Click on the picture on the right for helpful information on filling your fountain pen.



October iPenBox theme is "Michigan Fall Colors"







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