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November 2015

November, 2015 iPenBox
"Family, Friends and Food"


It's November and time to start getting ready for the holiday season. Soon we will be celebrating with family, friends, and of course a lot of food! What better way to start your November than with an iPenBox full of stationery, pens, and ink to get you ready for this busy time of year? 

The ink sample of the month is one of the ten new Shimmer colors by Diamine.  The shimmer in the ink makes us think of celebrations and the sparkle of lights. 

The fountain pen this month is a special edition purple Kaweco Sport. We sent one of two Limited Edition colors: Metallic Violet, or Royal Purple. The Kaweco Sport follows the original 1935 iconic octogonal design. Capped, it's a compact size pocket pen.  Posted, you have a full-sized pen for writing. If you're new to fountain pens, don't worry - we included a link to our helpful guides for filling and caring for your fountain pen.



Fabriano EcoQua Notebooks

Fabriano paper has a great history.  The paper has been made in Italy since 1264. Michelangelo, Sir Franics Bacon, Georgia O'Keeffe, Raphael, Goya, and Beethoven have all used Fabriano paper. EcoQua Notebooks and Journals by Fabriano are made in Italy of environmentally friendly, chlorine free, acid free FSC paper and are completely recyclable. Smooth, satin, fountain pen friendly paper. No bleed through or feathering.  




 Diamine Shimmer Inks

Diamine has just realeased their collection of 10 shimmering inks each containing metallic particles that will make your writing sparkly and shimmery.  


Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen in Metallic Violet OR Royal Purple

Kaweco metallic purple Sport fountain pen, by Kaweco of Germany. The Sport closely follows an original 1935 Kaweco octogonal design. The compact size feels just right in your hand. Pocket sized when closed, and full sized posted.  

Click here for our full selection of bottled fountain pen inks.

Click here for our full selection of standard international ink cartridges.






Caran d'Ache Grafik Playing Cards Graphite Pencil

Caran d'Ache Grafik pencil with HB lead made from excellent quality graphite and natrual clay.  The graphic design creates a non-slip surface that's created by a self-rising varnish. Grafik pencils are made of FSC-certified incense dendar. Ideal for drawing, writing, sketching and shading.  


E+M Germany Natural Wood Calligraphy Nib Holder

Nib holder in beech wood with a multi-color marble swirl finish. We are featuring calligraphy pens this month in our blog. November brings to mind a time for greetings with cards, stationery, and invitations for the holidays ahead. 




 Brause Calligraphy Nib, "Blue Pumpkin" #361 Steno

This is the nib for your new nib holder! Called "Blue Pumpkin" because of its blue coloring and shape, this is a good nib for beginners, and holds plenty of ink. 


 Schneider Slider Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pen

The Schneider Slider Touch is a capped pen with a comfortable non-slip triangular shaped barrel for relaxed writing without hand fatigue. 




 Tomoe River Loose Sheets

Tomoe River loose sheets of extremely thin (52 gsm) paper. This paper is very fountain pen friendly and is resistant to bleed-through and feathering. Tomoe River paper is exceptionally smooth without being glossy to bring out the sheen and shading of fountain pen inks.  



New to fountain pens?

Some of you may be new to fountain pens, so we thought we'd include a little guide to get you started in using your new fountain pen.  You can click on the picture to the left to take you to a link to read about how to start, clean, and store your pen.  Click on the picture on the right for helpful information on filling your fountain pen.



December iPenBox theme is "Home for the holidays"



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