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July 2016

July 2016 iPenBox
"Red, White, and Blue"


This month we found some of our favorite red white and lbue products to celebrate our country's Independence Day. 




Jinhao Metal Barrel Fountain Pen, White

Jinhao fountain pen in white with chrome-plated metal cap. Metal barrel pen has a shaped grip section that is ideal for both left- and right-handed writers. Steel nib is listed as a medium (0.7 mm) but will write more on the fine side of a medium. Snap-on cap. Utilizes standard international ink cartridge. Converter for bottled ink is included.



Fisher Backpacker Space Pen with Key Chain

Fisher backpacker space pen in an anodized aluminum finish. When closed, Backpacker Space Pens are the perfect size to carry in your pocket. When open it's a full sized evenly balanced writing instrument. Packed in a gift box.  Made in the USA.   




Private Reserve Fountain Pen Ink Sample, American Blue

A true blue ink that dries quickly.  A beautiful color with a coppery red sheen that leaps off the page while still looking professional.  Minimal feathering, good shading. We think you'll agree American Blue is a great ink. 


Word. Notebook, Blue Bandana


Long associated with tireless work, devilish deeds and classic American style, the bandana is entrenched in U.S. history. Despite its global popularity, the paisley accessory is perhaps most strongly linked to the cowboys out West during the 19th century who wore them to protect against dirt and dust on the trail. The Blue Bandana Word. Notebook is inspired by the classic Western staple. It’s an ode to hard work and sharp design. Sporting a unique paisley pattern, each is perfect for tossing in your pocket to keep track of all the things you have to get done even if a cattle drive isn’t on your list.






Sticky Page Markers by Duncan Shotton, New York

Sticky page markers by Duncan Shotton Design Studio add a cute and playful element to the process of bookmarking.  These sticky paper tabs let you create little landscapes and scenes on top of your books. Ideal for research, study, and quick reference to your famorite pages. The New York pack features its iconic skyline, including the Chrisler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, yellow cabs, tower blocks and apartments. 


Koh-I-Noor Magic Pencil, Muticolor Lead

Koh-I-Noor Magic multicolored pencil with a mix of three colors. As you write or draw, the pencil color changes. Every time you wrist-twist a Magic Pencil, the color pattern is different. Thick 5.6mm leads in a hexagon-shaped 10mm wood case. Made of the finest Hardtmuth graphite for the best wild color explosion anywhere.  





Mobius + Ruppert Double Hold Pencil Sharpener

Double hole wedge shaped pencil sharpener is made of injection molded plastic. Sharpener for use with graphite, colored and watercolor pencils and pastel crayons. Suited for standard #2 size pencils (6 mm) and maxi size pencils (9.3 mm.) M+R quality blades are made of specially hardened steel. 1" (25 mm) x 1" (25 mm.) Made in Germany.  



New to fountain pens?

Some of you may be new to fountain pens, so we thought we'd include a little guide to get you started in using your new fountain pen.  You can click on the picture to the left to take you to a link to read about how to start, clean, and store your pen.  Click on the picture on the right for helpful information on filling your fountain pen.



Here's a sneak peek of the August iPenBox Theme



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