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Noodler's Eternal Fountain Pen Ink, 1 oz. Bottle, Periwinkle

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1 oz

Noodler's Eternal Fountain Pen Ink, Periwinkle, 1 oz.

Noodler's inks are well known among fountain pen enthusiasts as one of the premier brands of ink. Safe for fountain pens of all types. Made in USA.

Ink Properties:

  • Bulletproof (UV and bleach resistant)
  • Eternal (archival, fade resistant)
  • Forgery resistant (impervious to lasers, alcohols, solvents)
  • Water resistant (partially waterproof)
  • Glows under UV light (some wavelengths)

Noodler's inks are famous for bottles that are completely full of ink - even over-filled. Be careful when opening your bottle!

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