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Pack of 3 Word Notebooks, Pocket Size, 3.5" x 5.5", Fishing Log, Blue

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Pack of 3 Word Notebooks, 2.35" x 5.25", Fishing Log

Fishing rewards patience. It’s a pursuit for those who understand that good things come to those who wait… and wait. If you’re willing to clock that many hours just waiting, aren’t your catches worth remembering?

That was the driving force behind The Fishing Log, the latest pocket notebook from Word. and Bradley Mountain. The Fishing Log is a 48-page notebook specifically designed for anglers. The layout allows for quick entry of all pertinent information, from the species of the fish you caught to its size and the lure you used to reel it in. Furthermore, The Fishing Log lets you track who you went fishing with, what body of water you visited, and how the day was, meaning it’s perfect for archiving and revisiting to remember past expeditions. Other features include a handy measuring guide and a callout for your best catches. Each slips easily into your back pocket, leaving your hands free for your fishing rod, tackle box, and waterside beverages.

About Bradley Mountain

Tyler Axtell started Bradley Mountain to honor an era when craftsmen and specialized work guilds made goods based on their skills. The passion these tradesmen had for their craft inspired Tyler to seek out other artists and artisans and work with them on well-made goods.

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