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iPenBox July 2020 - Summer Edition


Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen


Frosted Sport translucent barrel fountain pen, by Kaweco of Germany. The Frosted Sport closely follows an original 1935 Kaweco octogonal design. Compact size feels just right in your hand. Made from tough, but exceptionally lightweight ABS/Makrolon plastic. The cap screws securely on to close the pen and protect your pocket and the nib. The German-made nib is stainless steel. Utilizes the standard international size mini ink cartridge. Made in Germany.

Your box will contain either:  Natural Coconut, Fine Lime (not nib size), Soft Mandarin, Sweet Banana, Light Blueberry


New to fountain pens? CLICK HERE


Schneider Link-It 16-Color Pen Set


The first fineliner with a clever system to allow a variety of combinations. Comes in a convenient pencil case. The cap-off ink does not run dry even if the cap is removed for 2-3 days. Sapphire-Black, Silver-Grey, Mahogany-Brown, Topaz-Brown, Romantic-Red, Tango-Orange, Golden-Yellow, Apple-Green, Highland-Green, Blackforest-Green, Nautic-Green, Mineral-Blue, Lapis-Blue, Daytona-Violet, Electric-Purple, Fashion-Pink. 


Schneider Take-4 Multi Color Pen


Four-color ballpoint pen with the writing colors black, red, blue and green.  Barrel color is dark blue/light blue. The Viscoglide technology procures an extraordinarily smooth, gliding writing, line width medium. Color push buttons let you switch quickly and comfortably between the individual writing colors.  



Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Sleeve - Ink Splatter




Simple, soft and flexible Solo Pen Sleeve. The Solo pen sleeve featuring Ink Splatter artwork by @doxiegusgus.  No flap, no elastic, no Velcro - but still secure.  Lined with super-soft Teal Plush interior to protect and pamper your precious pens.  Size:  large. 



iPenstore Ink Cartridge Filling Syringe


This is a scaled down version of our Ink Cartridge Filling Kit.  iPenBox will contain one 5 ml capacity syringe and one blunt 20 gauge tip that can be used to fill or empty fountain pen ink cartridges.  This allows you to re-use a cartridge several times (we recommend no more than 3-4 refills of an empty cartridge).  Simply use the syringe to clean out the cartridge and refill it with your favorite color. 


Rohrer & Klingner Ink - sample



The English translation for Kastanienbraun is Maroon, but we're seeing more of a chestnut shading to this ink.  Kastanien translates to Chestnuts. 

Founded in Leipzig, Germany, Rohrer & Klingner is famous for following a well established recipe using specially treated water, natural ingredients and brilliant colors. 




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