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The Care and Feeding of your new Fountain Pen

The Care and Feeding of your new Fountain Pen

Your new fountain pen is a delicate writing instrument that can bring years of enjoyment if properly used and maintained. Almost all fountain pens are comprised of the same basic components: a nib (also called a point), a feed (the ribbed component attached to the back of the nib), and the ink supply - cartridge or converter for use with bottled ink.

Starting Your Pen

Whether you use a cartridge or a converter for use with bottled ink, you’ll need to “prime” the feeder to start writing. Press the cartridge onto the nib section, making sure the cartridge is pierced open. Hold your pen over paper and gently squeeze the cartridge or turn the black knob of the converter until a drop of ink appears at the point – you’re now ready to write!

Cleaning Frequency

We recommend cleaning your fountain pen after every second filling of either ink from a bottle or cartridge.

Cold Water Rinse

Fountain pens should only be cleaned with clean, cool water. IMPORTANT: NEVER USE HOT WATER. Hot water can easily damage the feed. If your fountain pen is excessively dirty, a teaspoon of ammonia can be added to a cup of water, then soak the nib section overnight. Some experts recommend using a window cleaner like "Windex" - just be sure it has ammonia as this helps break up dry ink and dirt the best.

Flushing the Nib

Flush the nib section with water until it runs clear. You may use the faucet's power or you may use an ear syringe and force the water through, this is very effective since it gives more force and cleans the nib out better.

Drying After Washing

Cover the nib section with a soft dry cloth and shake it a few times to force the water out. It is best to do this right before bedtime and leave it to dry overnight. In the morning just pop in a cartridge and you are ready to write!

Storing Your Fountain Pen

Never store your fountain pen lying down. The ink will coagulate and dry in the nib section and make it difficult for the ink to flow and for the pen to write properly. Keep your pen capped with the nib pointed up in a pencil cup or other type of holder. If you are not going to use your pen for a week or more, evacuate the ink or remove the cartridge. Pen cases where the pens lie flat are great ways to store UNFILLED pens.

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